Friday, June 26, 2009

Top 10 places to eat in Melaka

Yes... this is my favourite topic. Foods...and more foods

In Melaka there is a lot of nice dishes if you know where to find them. One tip if you have no clue whatsoever.... just follow the crowd! Simple rite :) The stall with the most customer, chances are that they are the best.

Now, here's my 10 ten list of the best places to eat in Melaka

  1. Capitol Satay Celup
  2. Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball
  3. Taiwan Mee
  4. Pak Putra Taandori & Naan Restaurant
  5. Geographer Cafe
  6. Portuguese Settlement Seafood
  7. Alai Ikan Bakar (Seafood)
  8. Dim Sum Bachang
  9. Asam Pedas (Pasar Borong)
  10. Wan Tan Mee (Bukit China)

Some sounds familiar? No? Don't fret. I will give the details about it and how to go there soon :)

Top 10 places to visit in Melaka

Melaka.... a beautiful small state in Malaysia.... Where to go and what to see in Melaka? Here's my top 10 places to visit when you are travelling there.

  1. Stadthuys
  2. St. Paul's Hill (the site of the historical St. Paul Church and A' Famosa Fortress)
  3. Jonker Walk
  4. Hang Li Po Well (locally known as Perigi Hang Li Po)
  5. Melaka River (boat ride)
  6. Eye on Malaysia
  7. Menara Taming Sari (Revolving Tower)
  8. Museums(Maritime Museum, Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Baba-Nyonya Heritage Museum)
  9. A' Farmosa Resort
  10. Zoo Melaka

Don't know where are the places? Stay tuned, more info about each of them and more coming soon...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Melaka got her name

Storytelling mode :On

It was the year 1396, a prince from Palembang fled Temasik (Singapore) to find refuge in neighbouring land. In one of his journeys, he was resting under a 'Melaka' tree when he saw a white 'mouse-deer’ surrounded by his hunting dogs. Suddenly, it occurred to him that the he and the mouse-deer situation shared something in common. Both are alone in unknown land, surrounded by enemies.

However, the mouse-deer achieved the improbable. It managed to defend itself and even forced the dog into the river. Parameswara was so taken up by the mouse-deer courage and intelligence. He thought that the place that he was seeking refuge was an auspicious land for the disadvantaged to triumph. Therefore, he named the land as ‘Melaka’, after the Melaka tree he was resting.

Melaka was indeed an auspicious and prosperous land. In 15th centuries, Melaka grew to be a maritime empire and international trading post due to its strategic location (sheltered harbour and located in the middle of the spice trade route between China and India)

Blogging about travelling in Melaka

I search using google the other day and found there is not much good information about travelling in melaka. For example, where you can find the best food (chicken rice ball', 'cendol', 'laksa', nyonya cuisines, etc.) or the where to visit in melaka. Also, at the same time, I've been thinking of writing a blog. So doing the math, here I am, starting with my first post on Melaka Travel blog!

I'll cover the best place you can find Melaka signature foods, places of interest, histories, festivals, events and maybe even share some recipes of melaka foods, yummy.