Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Melaka cinemas

Melaka have 3 cinemas, two GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) and one MBO. Previously there used to be an old Cathay cinema near Jalan Hang Tuah bridge. But now it's run down and replaced by big, modern looking cinemas such as GSC and MBO.

The MBO cinema is one of the latest cinema in Melaka. Many of the locals prefer to go to MBO which is located in Melaka Mall (a shopping mall). MBO or used to be called Kotamas is just opposite to Jusco and there is a overhead bridge connecting them. Apart from being convinient (less jam) the parking there is also free.

Besides MBO, there are 2 GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) in Melaka; One located in Mahkota Parade and another in Dataran Pahlawan. Dataran Pahlawan GSC is newer, bigger, have nicer design and seating if compared to GSC Mahkota Parade. Also, the price is usually more expensive by RM1, a reasonable price to pay if you want a more a better cinema experience.

Book ticket in GSC Melaka Cinema?
Usually there you no need to pre-book cinema tickets in Melaka. Unless you want better seating or if the movie is on weekend or a new release, you could book it online or through phone, just to ensure there is a movie to watch when u reach the cinema.
Here's the step on how to book GSC cinema ticket:

  1. Register at GSC website to book online or use phone reservation(Tel No.:06 – 2810018 for GSC Dataran Pahlawan and GSC Mahkota Parade)
  2. book at your desired time, date, number of seats and movie (TICKETS ARE OPEN FOR RESERVATION AND PURCHASE TWO (2) DAYS BEFORE THE DATE OF SCREENING)
  3. Take note of the confirmation number
  4. Collect the movie ticket based on the confirmation number at GSC reservation counter at least 45 minutes before show time. Otherwise, the ticket will be open for sale again.
  5. Pay money and enjoy your movie

Also, now you can direct buy GSC Movie ticket online. This way, you can choose the seating you like and it is not required to collect the ticket 45 minutes earlier as the ticket is already sold to you.But take note, you need to pay RM1 processing fee.

As for MBO, I've have not heard whether booking is allowed. But you can see the movie show time in MBO website.

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