Thursday, September 3, 2009

Malim curry rice aka 'Jonker curry rice'

Curry rice might not be as famous as chicken rice ball or sate celup in Melaka, but this particular shop in Malim, named Ji Chang Jie Curry Rice or Malim Jaya Curry Rice, is definately one place you should drop by. Here the curry is flavourful with its spices and have only light coconut milk. The pork meat is so tender that if almost melts in your mouth. Here, the curry is serve with combining with the soy sauce and star anise stewed eggs and the tofu. The licorice flavor from star anise enhances the taste of the eggs and tofu. Combining both sauces, it is like a match made it heaven.

curry rice jonker malim
Can you resist the temptation of this curry rice?

curry rice jonker malim

This shop has a history for about 50 years and is originally from Jonker Street. I came to know about this shop in Malim after my dad brought us there for breakfast a few years ago. According to few peoples I talk to, most of them are the older folks in Melaka:P, they often refer it as 'Jonker Curry Rice' and back in those days they have a lot more customers than they do now. I guess one of the major reason is the location. I must say that by foot, Malim is a bit out of reach to go from Melaka town and the other tourist attactions centralized there. With that aside, they do have a lot of loyal customers, often old customers and their families that come to "pong chan" (meaning something like help to give them business by eating there, hard to translate, but something like that la...haha :P).

It has been about a decade since they had shifted to Malim. Rumours has it that it was due to the hike of the shop rent caused by the 'Jonker Walk' project. Ok, enough with the history and let's talk about the food. I'm feeling abit tired now... so I'll say it in one sentence, "you'll just need to try it once and the food itself will the do the talking for you". Also, look at the photos, how can you resist it.

curry rice jonker malim
Look for this signboard

Location Address:
Ji Chang Jie Curry Rice,
G-11 Malim Jaya,
Melaka, Malaysia

Opening hours: 8am - 2 pm everyday except on Tue and Thur (close).

Price : RM3.50 per person (Rice + curry chicken and pork + some vege)
RM1.00 per egg in soy sauce.

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