Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wanton noodles in Bukit China

Wanton noodles or wantan mee is normally what I order when I can't decide what I want to eat(but only applicable in Melaka...below is the reason :D). Wantan noodle one of my all time favourite food since small. Especially the version in Melaka. In Melaka, the wanton mee is more spicy because they usually put a little bit of chili paste and mix it together with the mee or noodle.

However in other parts of Malaysia, such as KL, the wanton noodle is a little different. They usually use roasted pork instead or 'Char Siew', the noodle sauce black in color, no minced pork and ultimately, they don't mix the chili paste with the noodle. Almost gave me a culture shock when i ate my first wanton mee there, haha. But i do think that the roasted pork they use tasted much nicer compared to 'char siew', but that's all. If i have to eat wantan mee from other place than in Melaka, i usually take more pickled green chili to add the spiciness to the dish. Luckily, all version of wanton mee have the pickled green chili :D

wantan mee bukit china
Simply delicious

Yesterday, I went to a Wantan mee restaurant in Bukit China. My dad claims that they serve the best Wanton mee in Melaka and really, the taste and texture of the noodle beats lots of their competitors hands down. The restaurant usually flocked with customers during weekend and their service is quite be slow during that time. We had to wait a few minutes for them to take order from us(after being seated) and another 20 minutes before being served. Other than that complain :P, the food is good.

wantan mee bukit china
1 bowl has 3 wantons

Price: RM2.50(small), RM3(medium), RM3.50(big)

wantan mee bukit china
Bukit China Wan Tan Noodle Shop

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