Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fishball noodles with prawn crackers in Batu Berendam cheaper?

Remember the savoury and crunchy prawn crackers in Tengkera fishball noodles? Well, there is another shop also selling the their version of fishball noodles with prawn crackers in Bachang, Batu Berendam. The stuff they serve together with the noodles such as fishballs and fish cakes are almost similar. But, the one in Batu Berendam, the prawn crackers are more to the crunchy side and they are more generous by putting more of then in a bowl of fishball noodle as compared to the one in Tengkera.

fishball noodles prawn cracker batu berendam
Medium bowl but lots of prawn crackers :p

The Batu Berendam fishball noodles with prawn cracker comes in 2 sizes. Big and medium. But I do feel that the medium here is equivalent to big in the Tengkera fishball noodle. Felt very full after eating the medium size one but enjoyed the very last bits of it. Come to think about it, the one is Batu Berendam price has increased quite a lot. It is now RM3.50 per bowl. I remembered it used to be just RM2.50 a few years back. If compared to Tengkera fishball noodle, i now prefer here although the one in Tengkera used to be my favourite. They really need to do something to improve their quality to attract the old and new customers. As for the fishball noodle in Batu Berendam, i personally feel that the soup taste nicer and i feel like there are more ingredient. Just one comment, they might just use a bit too much on MSG.

fishball noodles prawn cracker batu berendam
Fishball noodles with prawn cracker shop in Bachang, Batu Berendam

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